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Imagine...homemade, fresh, delicious healthy pasta in 15 minutes!. Any flavor you wish, any color you want. Imagine making your own cappelletti, your own ravioli, filling them with the most tasty, healthy, flavorful fillings: vegetarian, seafood, cheeses, chocolate, your imagination is the limit! Now with the Trattorina Deluxe Pasta Machine, all this and more is possible! Pastries, empanadas, hojaldre, phylo dough, lasagna, spaghetti, middle eastern recipes, noodles, etc! All of which you thought to be "so difficult" to make, all which you thought you could only "buy" now is made easy and comfortable to prepare at home. Made of stainless steel and chromed steel; superb quality; its large size and design allow for the most comfortable use. The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of a cheap price is forgotten. By the way, all items are in


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